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This year, my boyfriend, Brandon, gave me the best gift for my birthday and took me on the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom! This has been on my bucket list for awhile and I am so glad that we finally made it happen!

Going into the trek, I had some pretty high expectations since I have been daydreaming of it for so long. However, I am pleased to report that it did NOT disappoint. Especially, for such an animal lover like myself.

It was even more special because not only was the weather lovely, but it turned out that Brandon and I were the only two guests on our tour! Needless to say, we had the ultimate VIP experience. 

Brandon & I with our amazing tour guides!

Brandon & I with our amazing tour guides!

Disclaimer: The Wild Africa Trek is a 3 hour tour that takes place in Animal Kingdom. It is an additional purchase separate from standard park admission. You can learn more about pricing & availability here.


Top: Tan Cotton Tee

Bottom: Athletic Leggings

Shoes: Nike Running Shoes

I accessorized with a hat from Forever 21, a cheetah neckerchief, and some of my favorite safari inspired pins! 

Everything that you take on the tour must be attached to you. They provide complimentary sunglass straps for you once you arrive!

The trek starts with a stroll through the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. The tour guides provide a plethora of interesting facts about the animals seen along the way. 

After a short little walk through the trails, we took a secret pathway to the next adventure...hanging out with hungry hippos! 

Did you know that hippopotamuses are related to dolphins?! Thats one of the many fun facts that our tour guides shared!

Up next, it was time to reach new heights...literally.

Walking along this jungle suspension bridge was quite an incredible experience. It was so neat to experience the safari from a whole new perspective. I have enjoyed the Killamanjaro Safari countless of times, so it was especially exciting to be on this bridge while safari trucks drove by under us. 

It was also extremely exhilarating to walk over crocodiles while they were sleeping and relaxing by the water. Did you know they only eat once a week?! Since they send most of their days laying in the sun, they don't work up much of an appetite. What a life!

Wild Africa Trek 023.jpg

After having some close encounters with some crocodiles, it was time to take a ride to the Savannah. Although I enjoyed every aspect of the Wild Africa Trek, the moments spent relaxing and overlooking the Savannah is my favorite memory. 

It is obvious to see that my time spent on the Wild Africa Trek was priceless to me. Asante sana (thank you in Swahili) to the tour guides and conservationists who work daily to protect this beautiful world & incredible creatures who inhabit it!