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I took a short trip to Chicago this weekend, and it was nothing short of a dream. I have been lucky enough to visit the Windy City a few times, so I have grown quite fond of it. You can see my post about my last trip here

Also, my Great Aunt Monna lives there, so I love to visit her every chance I get. 

This is Aunt Monna getting photobombed on The Nichols Bridgeway. Isn’t she the cutest? 

Since I have visited Chicago a few times, it has been a fun challenge to find new things to see and do. Although, I did have to visit some of my favorite iconic spots, such as The Bean, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Millennium Park.

A couple of highlights from this trip included seeing In The Heights at Stage 733. If you are not familiar, In The Heights is a Tony-Award Winning musical that appeared on Broadway and was conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda (the creator of Hamilton). The cast, score, and energy were impeccable, and I left feeling emotional and inspired. I love how a night at the theatre can fill you with so many happy feels.

Another unconventional trip highlight was Uber. I had so much fun making friends with my drivers and sharing rides via uberpool. Last night, I shared a car with a man going to the Cubs game (World Series 2016, kind of a big deal I guess) and a girl headed to a Halloween costume party. The girl was dressed as Spogebob’s house with barnacles and all. There are interesting people all around us and it turns out that I enjoy sharing a car with them. 

I also really enjoyed visiting The Art Institute and eating lunch in the courtyard with my Aunt Monna. While browsing through the Moholy-Nagy Gallery, I read a few words that really resonated with me and are worth sharing.

“Every citizen should be a student and every student should make art”


“Production not reproduction” 

I hope we can do this. Let's be students and create something incredible and fresh. Sometimes, all it takes is a little getaway and a few pistachio donuts to feel inspired, but I also believe you can find inspiration right where you are. So... let's find it.