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ROOM TOUR #MYgoldenspotofgainesville

ROOM TOUR #MYgoldenspotofgainesville

Welcome to #MYgoldenspotofgainesville! When I moved back to college, I wanted to create an atmosphere that inspires me. I wanted my room to be bright, airy, and dreamy so that I could come home to a place that made me feel refreshed and ready to live my dreams.

I created a video tour taking you through my room and to share where I purchased everything.

I hope you enjoy and find some inspo in #Mygoldenspotofgainesville!

The pink castle print that you see in the middle of my gallery wall is easily one of my favorite pieces in my room. My mom was actually part of the opening-cast of Disneyland Paris in 1992 and cut this print out of a newspaper. She's saved it all of these years and gave it to me a few months ago. I fell in love when I first saw it and knew I wanted to make it a focal point in my space. 



Welcome to my room!

While I was preparing to embark on my college career, one of my favorite things to do was find room inspiration through various media outlets.

Since I was able to find inspiration from other people, now is the time for me to return the favor. Here you'll find some photographs and a few tips that really helped me put everything together. 

I definitely believe having a place that you like to come home to in college is vital to a smoother transition and creating an overall positive experience. With that said, I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in #Mygoldenspotofgainesville!


  • Plan ahead! Start gathering inspiration as soon as you can, that way you will be less flustered and you will have less impulse purchases. 
  • Get crafty! Don't be afraid to pull out that glue gun. The more things you make by hand, the better. 
  • Green is the new black! Channel your inner green thumb and add some succulents or air plants to add a fresher feel to your space.
  • Keep coffee in arms reach! If you're like me, coffee is a must in the morning. Keep it nearby or if you are not able to have a coffee maker in your dorm, stock up on some chocolate covered espresso beans. 
  • Be you! Getting inspiration from other people is great, however, you should make your space YOUR space. This is where YOU will be spending your time and making memories.




#goldenspotsofgainesville is a hashtag that I started once I knew I would officially be attending the University of Florida. To be honest, as excited as I was to attend UF, I was a little underwhelmed by the city. I was used to having Disney in my backyard and Downtown Orlando to explore. However, I was determined to find the best little spots that make Gainesville unique. So far, I have found so many hidden gems and I definitely underestimated this city's charm. 


You can follow my search for the best spots of Gainesville on Instagram. I have also been sharing some college apartment inspiration with #MYgoldenspotofgainesville. 




Growing up as a self-proclaimed “goody two shoes”, I have always had mixed feelings about parties. From the high alcohol intake to the smoke in the air, the party atmosphere has never been my cup of tea — or should I say, my cup of booze?

As an incoming college freshman, I am incredibly intimidated by this whole party craze. I am constantly wondering if I will be alone in my dorm every night while everyone else is “having fun” at a frat party. The stereotypes of college life are built up in my head — I suppose I have pop culture to blame for that. After all, have you ever watched a chick flick without a classic college party scene?

However, this week’s pop culture surprised me when my ears met Alessia Cara’s vocals through the radio.

Immediately, my little freshman fears took a rest. Few songs truly have the power to instantly give you goose bumps, but Cara’s debut single, “Here,” does the trick. She starts the song insolently with the lyrics, “I’m sorry if I seem uninterested/ or I’m not listening/or I’m indifferent.” We can all relate to that awkward feeling whether at a party or not.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Cara explains the true inspiration for the song. She talks about a party she attended the eve before this lyrical masterpiece was born.

She felt angst toward the girls gossiping, the dudes smoking weed and the guy throwing up “cause he can’t take what’s in his cup no more.” Throughout the music video, you see Cara recreating those same scenarios. She even enlisted many of the teens from the real life bash that provoked the song to recreate their roles.

One of the biggest struggles I face as a goody two shoes is doubt from adults and the labels of our society.

It seems that young people are automatically expected to embrace partying and everything that comes with it. Whenever I mention my conservative ways to someone of an older generation, a sly smile automatically crosses their face. They instantly doubt that I am telling the truth. It’s almost as if they want me to fall into the temptations in order for them to gain self-satisfaction.

They partied when they were our age, so we are expected to party too — It’s a domino effect. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a hard time conveying these frustrations. But I am thankful Ms. Cara was able to do all the hard work for me through a song. She is bold enough to speak against this cliché, and the way she conveys it is wildly intelligent. She has shined a light on those, including myself, in the corner. The ones who don’t want to sacrifice their hopes and dreams for a night out.

So now I am left with these questions.

Is there anyone else on the same page as Ms. Cara and I? Is it really possible to have just as much fun without any sort of stimulation? And does indulging in drugs distract you from your dreams?

I may be a biased prude, but I have had my fair share of laughter and silly stories, all in the absence of any kind of fluid influencing me. And do you want to know the best part? I can remember these moments the next morning.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the whole party scene, this song is undeniably a summer hit that is bound to end up stuck in your head at some point.

Meanwhile, you can catch me “over here”, listening to this inspiring track and working towards my dreams. Care to join me?