The pumpkins are glowing and the autumn leaves are showing that Halloween time has come to stay. What better way to celebrate than with Mickey and The Sanderson Sisters? I attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the beginning of September and I have been smiling about it ever since.

I attended the party with a few friends who, like me, were very excited to dress up for the event. My friend Robbie dressed up as Duffy, Katie dressed up as ShellieMay, and I dressed up as Gelatoni. If you aren't familiar with Gelatoni, he is BFF's with Duffy and is popular over in Japan/DisneySea. Gelatoni entered Duffy's life when Duff & Mickey were strolling through Italy while on a spring voyage with Minnie and ShellieMay. Duffy was snacking on some gelato when he suddenly dropped it on the ground. In the midst of his disappointment, Gelatoni walked up and introduced himself and then proceeded to grab his tail and start painting with the fallen gelato and they were best friends ever since. How cute is that?!  

Since the character I decided to dress up as is not an obvious choice, many people didn't know who I was. With that being said, it was a million times more exiting when someone did recognize me. We even ran into two ladies who were visiting from Japan and one of them was even carrying a little stuffed Gelatoni with her. Needless to say, we were extremely excited when we ran into each other. It's little magical moments like that that made my night at MNSSHP so special!

Since my friends and I are lucky enough to be able to visit the parks quite frequently, we decided that we did not want to make riding rides our biggest priority. Instead, our main focus was to indulge in the entertainment and special characters. We watched the Hocus Pocus stage show and the Boo to You parade twice. We also danced the night away at the Monsters Inc Dance Party and of course we watched Hallo-Wishes. The entertainment blew me away and was definitely the highlight of the party for me. 

Here are some of my best tips for having a successful party night:

1. Take a nap before and fuel up on coffee so you'll be energized enough to spend the whole night parting like theres no tomorrow! The party starts at 7:00 PM, however, you can enter as early as 4:00 PM and then lasts until midnight.

2. If trick or treating isn't necessarily your biggest priority, I would save it until the last 15 minutes of the party. That way, there will be shorter lines (if any at all), and you won't have to carry a 5 lb bag of candy all night.

3. Dress up! Crafting up a fun little outfit to wear to the party will definitely enhance your experience. Characters will notice you and it will get you into the Halloween spirit even more.

4. Although I suggest to watch both viewings of the Boo to You parade since it is that good, if you only have time for one, the second showing tends to have less of a crowd so your chances of snagging a better spot will increase.

5. Perk up your ears right at 7:00 PM when the party starts. You will hear a spooky voice projected all throughout the kingdom that will certainly get you excited for the thrilling adventure ahead. 

Will you be attending MNSSHP this year? If so, what are you looking forward to the most?!