It's #nationalcoffeeday so you better believe that I will be paying homage to my favorite cozy beverage!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee is to make it. I love learning new ways to prepare some homemade brew. Recently, I learned how to brew up a layered latte and I still cannot believe how simple it is! With that being said, I thought I would share this easy little tutorial. Enjoy and cheers to #nationalcoffeeday!


1. Add a layer of chocolate syrup to the bottom of your glass (optional).

2. Steam & froth about half a cup of milk.

3. Scoop some of your frothed milk into your glass.

4. Pour the rest of your milk in but leave a couple of spoonfuls of foam.

5. Gently pour in your espresso.

6. Top of with the rest of your foamy milk.

7. Enjoy! 


• Unicorn glass cup:

• Frother:

• Moka Pot:

• Espresso:

• Steel Pitcher: