Fall is among us and most of my friends are back in school and as busy as a bee. However, this semester I am not in the glorious “swamp.” Instead, I am spending the semester at home in Orlando! Naturally, I have some serious FOMO moments but I am thankful to have this time to take it easy and I am also thankful that the University of Florida is only two hours away because boy oh boy…I love that place.

Thankfully, this semester I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to intern at Gravitational Marketing which is an advertising agency here in Orlando. After months of applying to countless internships and not hearing back, finally, I got a call from Gravitational Marketing and the rest was history. This place has provided me such a source of inspiration and friendship. Everyone has been so encouraging and the company culture is incredible. I am thankful and I surely believe that the best is yet to come.  

I hope you are having a lovely start to this new season. Keep living out your dreams.