Last weekend, I went on a little road trip to attend a stunning wedding in Buckhead, Georgia. We left Orlando on Saturday morning and came back Monday afternoon. It was a short and sweet trip, but thankfully we were able to explore a bit!

One major highlight of the trip was Ponce City Market. We loved it so much that we ended up going twice! The market is located in downtown Atlanta near Piedmont Park and along the Atlanta Beltline. It is filled with neat shops and a wide array of restaurants.

I especially loved prancing around in this adorable dress from STYLEWE. It's so comfy and incredible quality. I would wear it everyday if I could! You can shop it here:


As I was researching what we should do while in Atlanta, I stumbled upon #TinyDoorsATL. From what I understand, there is a group of artists who create little doors and stick them all around the city. If you look up the hashtag you'll be able to see a few other tiny doors and their locations. I just think this is the cutest thing and was determined to see one in the flesh. Luckily, there is one located right by Ponce City Market along the Atlanta Beltline, and I was able to walk over and see it in person!

Seeing this tiny door was icing on the beautiful cake of a weekend. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel and for people who create art that brings joy to my life and the lives of others. Who knew a tiny door and a weekend in a new city could carry so many happy memories? Remember, when one tiny door closes, another opens...